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Nine Steps To Get Started

  1. Start the conversation. The best way to begin is to just do it. Sometimes though, this can be the hardest part.

  2. Listen to people's lived experiences. Honor others in their lives.

  3. Question your assumptions. Human beings are inherently biased creatures. Don't believe everything you think.

  4. Be intentional about inclusion. It doesn't happen spontaneously.

  5. Take responsibility for your own education. And, know that you don't know what you don't know.

  6. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is a privilege to be comfortable, not a right.

  7. Make space for the truth.

  8. Speak up when others are uninformed, make assumptions, or hurtful comments.

  9. Honor others’ truth. Just because it’s not your truth doesn’t mean it isn’t the truth.

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